HealthiLife’s vision is to be the preferred choice in the food and beverage category among consumers all over Africa. The plan is to penetrate all major markets throughout Sub-Sahara in the next ten years. HealthiLife has made it the company’s mission to produce tasty, nutritious and good value for money products in the food and beverage category using environmentally friendly and state of the art technology.

In addition to employing staff in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia, in Nigeria HealthiLife has grown its own distribution throughout the country as far as to Kano and Kaduna. HealthiLife can now be found on airlines across the region including on Aero, Starbow and Africa World Airlines as well as the “Made in Ghana by HealthiLife” on global brands like Minute Maid.

Going forward, HealthiLife Beverages Ltd. will explore the packaging of water, chocolate beverages, and canned products to make the company a one stop shop.

HealthiLife’s Executive Chairman, Mr. Kofi Nsiah-Poku, is a first generation entrepreneur who has established his potential with the successful performance in Kinapharma. He is a pharmacist by profession and brought in ethical standards in manufacturing pharmaceuticals in Ghana. With his experience of close to two decades in the industry and his research and development background, he wanted to fulfill his vision of providing reasonably priced products to Ghanaians and those in other West African countries.

HealthiLife Beverages is the outcome of his vision, and he used his knowledge to develop various categories of products. The highlight of his formulations is Gluconade which is the first alternative to the monopoly of caffeine and taurine energy drinks in the market.

As a pioneer, Kofi Niash Poku is always looking for ways for Ghanians to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the success of HealthiLife shows the world that Ghanians can lead a successful enterprise. For more information on the development of HealthiLife visit our History site.